July 26, 2022

S03E08: Digital Transformation of the Language Industry

Here we are with another exciting, and highly engaging episode of the Translation Company Talk podcast. In this episode we cover the topic of Innovation in Language Services. Smith Yewell, the CEO of Welocalize talks about what innovation means and how lead an organization with an innovative mindset. With a rapidly changing language dynamic, opportunities offered by technology improvements, a more connected world and our willingness to collaborate globally, it has never been more important to think about developing a vision based on innovation. 

We cover many topics in this interview including, the concept of innovation in the context of an LSP, innovation with technology, process and people, digital transformation in LSP operations, applying NLP to translation execution process, responding to the demand for innovation emanating from outside the language industry, collaboration and partnership with clients on innovative opportunities, the role of our industry associations in bringing us together to innovate more effectively, why opensource efforts like GlobalSight don’t get little support from the community, the need for developing opensource tools such as project management systems that form the core of every LSPs business function, building a culture of innovation inside an LSP, focusing on the end-product of our translation and create interoperability among stakeholders in the industry and much more. 

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