July 4, 2022

S03E07: Effective Machine Translation Strategy

We are back with another exciting episode of the Translation Company Talk podcast. This episode is all about machine translation and how this technology has become a common place in our industry, yet many people don’t know much about it. To find out about the state of machine translation, we have invited Kristin Gutierrez from United Language Group once more to come and share her knowledge of machine translation with us. 

There are lots of interesting topics that we cover such as the business case for an effective machine translation implementation, rolling out an MT program across the enterprise, client-side concerns, supply side issues with adoption of this technology, frontline resistance to MT adoption, modes of accessing MT solutions, quality concerns, the place for an MT standard and much more. Kristin brings a fresh and interesting perspective, offering both the supply and client side an inside glimpse of the machine translation world. 

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