June 12, 2022

S03E06: Leading and Managing A Multi-Region LSP

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk podcast, we discuss LSP leadership in a transborder and multinational context. Tea Dietterich, CEO of 2M Language Services in Australia talks about her experience as an entrepreneur who started her LSP with a laptop from her bedroom which has scaled up to a multinational across 3 continents in multiple countries. She talks about her experience leading teams of people across different jurisdictions and cultures and highlights what has worked well for her which translated into business success. 

Among the many topics we cover in this episode, we discuss how to think globally as a language company owner, strategic corporate behavior complemented by reactive and on the fly adaptive vision, business horizon and landscape visibility measurement in time units, building alliances that extend beyond your geographic presence, rapid innovation, strategic translation sales mindset, building a team in which everyone feels a sense of belonging, aligning corporate values with strategic objectives and much much more. 

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