May 2, 2022

S03E05: Outcomes-Based Language Solutions Delivery

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk, we are very excited to be discussing a topic of great interest that receives very little coverage and attention in the translation industry. Nic McMahon joins us to talk about how language solutions companies create value and define it in a way that their customers understand and relate to it. He dives deep into how his organization has adopted an outcomes-based approach to solving language translation gaps for clients across a variety of industries. 

Among the many topics discussed, we cover the definition of value, an LSP’s role in creating value, understanding each client’s needs and generating KPIs based on those, establishing internal processes and procedures to complement clients’ KPIs, addressing the problem of applying high-value resources to low-value content, defining the role of technology in creating translation value, communicating value from leadership to internal stakeholders, keeping a consistent value delivery promise, and much more.  

This is one of our best and most engaging episodes to date and it is highly recommended for language company executives that are looking for ways to differentiate their service offerings and improve their business with the most relevant of their clients. 

Nic McMahon is the CEO of United Language Group (ULG) – one of the world’s leading language solutions providers. Nic has more than 20 years of experience working for many of the top companies in the language industry and has travelled extensively in almost every continent. During his career, he has worked on language solutions for diverse projects ranging from healthcare and education disparity to commercial market expansions for the world’s number 1 control valve manufacturer and effectively supported the entire Fortune 500 to achieve their global growth and expansion. In all Nic’s experiences, the impact and opportunity of culture and language have been the constant foundational theme. 

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