February 9, 2022

S03E03: Global-Ready-First Enterprise Strategy

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk, we hear from Talia Baruch about Global-Ready-First Product Strategy. Talia shares her “global-ready” and “geo-fit” frameworks for maximizing adoption in new markets at scale. She talks about Localization as a strategic, cross-functional horizontal effort that requires close alignment on MVP priority initiatives across the org. We cover topics such as HQ centralized vs in-country de-centralized teams, building an org structure that enables international horizontal efforts with all key stakeholder leads in all core functions. We discussed how Localization is often misperceived only as a language support production tail-end effort, instead of an upfront influencer for developing and designing the relevant features and value prop positioning for worldwide customers, and much more. 

As the enterprise localization department reaches maturity and organizational recognition, localization managers have to make decisions in line with leadership defined KPIs.  

Talia is a seasoned localization leader with experience in optimizing product performance and experience to win adoption in new markets. She Headed International Product & Growth at LinkedIn and SurveyMonkey, formerly at Google. Talia Founded GlobalSake in 2017, as a collective global community of tech executives driving international growth. She’s an independent consultant, helping companies with international expansion and product geo-fit.

Visit https://www.taliabaruch.com/ to learn more about Talia.

This episode is sponsored by Hybrid Lynx.

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