January 23, 2022

S03E02: Effective Translation Vendor Management

In this episode of Translation Company Talk we hear from Carla Itzkowich, President of International Contact Inc., about effective translation vendor management. This is a special episode because Carla is joined by Norma Armon, her business partner and her mother and they take a deep dive into the history of translation services in California and how they started their business.  

Vendor management is an art and a science, Carla and Norma discuss how it has changed over the years and what are some of the top challenges that our industry faces with regards to the supply chain. The conversation revolves about what activities are involved in vendor management, building an inventory of qualifications and the processes around effective vendor relation development. We also cover the role of standards compliance, the impact of vendor processes on translation output quality, best way for a translator to stand out, qualities of a good vendor manager, the role of education institutions in improving linguistic supply mechanisms and much more. 

This episode is of particular interest to both translation companies as well as freelancers and MLVs interested in collaborating with translation companies. 

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