December 19, 2021

S02E21: Principles and Benefits of Quality Management Systems for LSCs

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk we sit down with Leigh Turgut, Quality & Compliance Manager from CQ fluency and she talks to us about the principles and benefits of a Quality Management System, the different definitions of Quality within a language translation company. Quality is something we all promise our clients and clients naturally assume every vendor delivers translation with optimum quality, but how do we measure quality? Like in any industry quality issues can arise, particularly with the something as subjective as language.

Leigh is a veteran industry expert,having occupied multiple roles within localization, she eventually found her niche in Quality & Compliance, and now oversees and aims to grow that function at CQ fluency. In this interview we cover many topics, including the definition of quality in product, process and perception by client in addition to many other interesting topics.

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