December 5, 2021

S02E20: The State of Legal Interpreting Sector

Translation Company Talk podcast is back with another exciting episode covering the state of legal interpreting sector. The language industry has seen a roll coster effect across all lines of business, but interpreting and in particular the legal sector has seen changes that has affected both service providing companies as well as interpreters. COVID continues to present challenges for in-person meetings and given the nature of legal interpreting, it will evolve rapidly.

Luis Echeverry from Continental Interpreting takes a deep dives on the state of this sector. A veteran of interpreting sector, Luis has seen this industry sector transform over the decades. He talks about his own experiences in the context of the pandemic, his personal challenges and how his company adapted and evolved in the face of so many unknowns. Luis also provides his perspective on how things are changing, the role of technology and what it means for service providers.

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