August 15, 2021

S02E17: Business Acumen for LSP Leadership

Starting a business is very hard, but the actual challenge is in managing and growing it beyond the point of plateau that most businesses reach after the initial demand wanes. As the owner and executive of a language company, it becomes imperative to possess the right knowledge and tools to direct your organization including its people, processes and assets to your strategic objectives. Annemarie Rutz, Chief Operating Officer from Milengo talks about what a leader needs to know in order to operate a successful language services company.

Among the topics discussed, we cover the lack of business skills in the language industry, the tools and sources of information available to industry leaders, the best way to quickly skill-up and learn about driving your organization and much more. As a very young leader in the localization industry and managing the operations of a German language organization in the technology space, Annemarie presents a very fresh and interesting approach to managing with a vision.

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