July 19, 2021

S02E15: Building Customer Centric LSP Model

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk, we sit down with Anna Gargiulo, Chief Sales Officer at Toppan Digital Language. It is an interesting and engaging conversation on the topic of customer centricity in the context of language services. Among the many interesting topics we cover customer centricity at the core of LSP strategy, foundation of the right culture, doing the right thing for our clients with competing internal challenges, being able to meet the needs of your client that require specialization when you are a generalist, alignment of objectives with those of clients to drive meaningful interactions at all levels.

Toppan Digital Language is carving a niche for an under-served market that has been neglected overtime as the industry demand has changed. Anna further talks about the importance of allowing the customer's strategy to drive your business as opposed to imposing the LSP objectives on client, thinking strategically to drive the relationship versus applying band-aid solutions to typical problems, understanding the need of the customer for the kind of experience they want and to be able to provide that experience, what are clients actually buying from a translation company, determining the buyer journey and improving the experience at different touch points, how to analyze our customer's problem and offer strategic solutions in the light of volume explosion and proliferation of media types. This is a master class in sales and leadership that LSP executives cannot miss.

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