June 7, 2021

S02E12: Post Merger Operational Scalability


In this episode, we welcome Paul Doherty back once again to discuss post merger operational scalability in language services organizations. Most mergers happen for the purpose of expanding sales and operational footprint and if not done right, the two merged organizations will experience chaos when combining the operations teams.

We cover the following topics in this episode, please see the time-code for easy access:

1. How to market yourself  02:25
2. Operational Scalability 07:14
3. Why do companies want to acquire another company 08:40
4. The mindset of the buyer 11:25
5. What is supposed to change and what should stay the same 15:58
6. Is there a template for scaling up an operation 18:58
7. The role of training in process improvement 31:25
8. How to maintain talent 32:24
9. The right time and the wrong time to publish a new organisation chart 35:03
10. How do you know you have reached the next level 38:15
11. The complexities and complications of implementing a change program 44:12
12. How to deal with growing pains 40:58
13. Why is it so hard to scale up a one million dollar revenue company 41:50
14. What is the role of management 43:06
15. The role of broker firms 44:20
16. Final words of wisdom 45:44

Paul is a seasoned industry veteran with multiple mergers, acquisitions and executive roles under his built, his advice and insights are applicable to every organization within this category.

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