May 25, 2021

S02E10: Evolution of Localization

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk podcast, we look at the evolution of localization. We go back and see the foundation of this industry and what gave rise to the demand for translation at the start. Soren Eberhardt from Microsoft discusses how localization has has evolved and which direction it is headed to, in particular focusing on where we are in the course of the great localization evolution.

Among the subjects covered, we discuss the disconnect between academia and industry, the role of computing power in broad adoption of localization, the impact of computational linguistics and machine learning beyond translation output, the evolving notion of end-client to supplier relationship, value of emerging technologies from machine learning to blockchain, the role of engineers in demand for automation in this industry and why language service providers must use trust as a currency to justify their existence and much more.

Soren Eberhardt is a Global Site Manager for Microsoft 365 web direct sales. He has been working in the field of internationalization and localization for 25 years, both on the vendor and client side and in different roles, from translator to localization engineer and program manager. Products that he has worked on include Windows, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. He has taught localization classes at the University of Washington and classes on computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools at NYU and Montclair State University; and he also helped release the first MOOC on localization at EdX.

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