July 7, 2021

S02E14: The Disconnect in Expectations of Buyers & Sellers of Language Services

In this episode of the Translation Company Talk, we cover the Disconnect In Expectations of Buyers and Sellers of Language Services. The author of the The General Theory of the Translation Company, Renato Beninato from Nimdzi Insights, talks in depth about what our industry doesn't understand about the needs and requirements of the buyer side. This is a very timely subject and while covered in most conferences, Renato provides a jargon free and easy to  understand way of grasping this concept.

Among the many topics that we cover, we discuss some of the seismic shifts that have occured in the localization industry, the next pivotal evolution, the LSP misunderstanding about customer needs, the inability to speak customer's own language, mapping our services to the challenges of end clients as solutions, pricing and pricing models, the reason why an LSP exists, the core functions of LSPs, what do customers look in their vendors, and many other great topics. If you are an LSP owner and thinking about your growth strategy, you do not want to miss this episode.

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